Jilla Active

Jilla is British designed Activewear with a focus on performance and comfort. They create versatile and timeless pieces using soft fibres, such as bamboo, that feel like a second skin. Seamless, supportive, sweat-wicking and with a unique four way stretch, providing you with confidence to reach your fitness goals.



Silou London

Silou is a lifestyle; we are multi-functional in design and embrace diversity at every turn. Silou designs go beyond a set sport, we are creating solutions for every woman, all day long. We work on enhancing the body through innovative shape, design and fabrics, creating styles that are not only sustainable but that tackle life, work and everything in between. We at Silou believe in simplifying the wardrobe, creating long-lasting clothing that work with the wearer, while working to enhance your silhouette and boost your confidence.  Silou designs embrace new non-toxic fabrics and performance testing without skimping on the elegance of the female form. Silou are built around three core values: perform, support and enhance. Silou sets out to create clothing beautiful and classic enough to live up to these disciplines, also striving to ensure that designs are high-quality and eco-friendly too.  Silou designs are versatile in their layering and styling possibilities; and worn alone they are built to pack a punch.


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Starseeds stands for mission. We’re on a mission to demonstrate how a balanced and organic life doesn’t stop at what we put into our bodies. We make more conscious choices in all aspects of life, and to inspire others to do the same. We’re a slow fashion brand that make use of natural, carefully considered fabrics to create beautiful pieces which will you feeling great from the inside-out. Our mantra is ‘the lightness of being’ and encourages us to learn, grow and enjoy each moment, whilst thinking of the legacy that we will leave for future generations. Why not come along for the journey?

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Sports Philosophy

After years in corporate jobs, Stella and Matthias decided to launch an ethical sportswear brand. Sports Philosophy is all about pushing boundaries and encouraging creativity. Our collections include a range of unique prints, reflective art and performance features. They’re made with carefully sourced materials that are breathable, sweat-wicking, UV-protective and piling-resistant. Each piece is designed with the idea of versatility, style and practicality in mind. Looking good in the gym has never been easier.

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VYAYAMA pronounced ‘vai-ah’mah’ is a 3000 year old sanskrit word meaning ‘to move’ and ‘to tame the inner breath’. The ancient Ayurvedic texts describe VYAYAMA as movement designed to stabilize and strengthen the body. VYAYAMA was founded with the intention of providing a natural alternative to synthetic yoga wear, with the belief that the products we use should be held to the same standards that we hold for ourselves. We believe that mindfulness should inspire quality, beauty and joy.


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Adrenna London

Adrenna are a London-made Activewear brand aiming to design timeless performance wear. You’re able to customise the colour and design features of their pieces made from Italian Oeko-Tex certified fabrics for Activewear personalised to suit your personal style. Adrenna have a big focus on minimising waste and enhancing utilisation, producing only in micro-production runs and made-to-order garments. No stock is wasted and any off-cuts are used in made-to-order garments.


Rêve En Vert

Rêve En Vert is an online retailer of sustainable luxury fashion. Based in London, the site curates the best of ethical style with the belief that consumers should never have to sacrifice style for ethics.



AmaElla is a social enterprise whose mission is to encourage more mindful behaviour in fashion through sustainable and ethical sourcing. We want women to feel bold, beautiful and confident in their skin – our exquisitely designed organic cotton lingerie and nightwear is created with you in mind. By selecting the finest organic cotton, premium trims, and pretty prints, we ensure your lingerie drawer is anything but ordinary.




Natural, sustainable and handmade in the UK, Optiat create skincare products from quality ingredients that would otherwise be discarded. We provide ethical alternatives to toxic beauty staples, such as microbeads, by using coffee grounds and other natural by-products otherwise sent to landfill.


Natural Deodorant Co.

The Natural Deodorant Co. journey essentially began in 2006 when founder Laurie made the switch to organic food. After reading that the body absorbs more than 60% of what is applied to it, she quickly realised that my bathroom cabinet needed a detox too. She didn’t want to put products on her skin that she didn’t want in her body. Back then, deodorant was the one product that always let her down. Deciding to make her own, she tested, swapped ingredients, retested and tried again until it was exactly right. Having worked in the beauty industry for many years, texture, scent and smooth application were of crucial importance. Design was important too as often neglected for deodorant. Laurie hopes you’ll enjoy having their aesthetically pleasing pots on your bathroom shelf and won’t look back from her organic formulations!

Nitara London

Born from a need for mat-wear that’s an honest reflection of compassionate and conscious living, Nitara is an expression of just that. We make contemporary yoga and activewear that leaves as little impact upon our planet as possible. Made from your unwanted plastic and utilising limited edition hand drawn prints, our collection is ever evolving. Each design serving as a moment in time, a train of thought or a reflection upon our journey.


YogaClicks is #MadeByYogis. We’re on a mission to connect these yogi makes with others who share the same values, enabling us to better look after each other and the planet. Prepare to be blown away by these handpicked yogi makers – by leggings made from coffee grounds, handmade malas and eco-friendly mats.

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