Adrenna London


Founded by: Julie Ngov

Launched in: July 2017

Brand story:

Adrenna exists out of the desire for unfailing performance, enduring style and actions that do no harm to others or the environment. We set our hearts on designing a sustainable and ethical collection, that performs with our bodies and is timelessly stylish. 

Our founder, Julie, started her career as a banking and finance lawyer after moving to London in 2010 from Adelaide, Australia.  After suffering chronic neck and back pain sustained from long hours at the desk, Julie took up yoga and weight training to strengthen her body.  In doing so, she discovered a new mindset to work and life.  The move from Adelaide to a larger city like London opened Julie’s eyes to the level of fast-fashion and consumerism that was taking place on a global scale.  Taking up fitness as an adult led to several sportswear purchases, but Julie couldn’t find Activewear that met her environmentally-friendly and ethical standards.  So bringing together her love for style, a healthy body, human approach and a healthy environment, Julie set about creating a collection that met these ideals and launched Adrenna in July 2017.  


Number of factories: 1

Factory 1 – London Contour Experts

  • Function: Product development, sampling and production
  • Location: London, UK
  • Number of employees: Not disclosed
  • Years working with Adrenna: 1
  • Policies, procedures & certifications: No
  • Average hours / day: 8
  • Average hourly pay: Not disclosed, stated UK minimum wage law complied with
  • Number of visits / year: 6-10
  • Sub-contractors: Not for Adrenna garments


We use sports performance fabrics from Italy that have all been tested for harmful substances to the Oeko-Tex 100 standard.  All our fabrics in our first collection have high sweat wicking properties to help you breathe even under the toughest of work-outs, four-way stretch and light compression to move with your body.

We produce only in micro-production runs and in made-to-order garments. We will never have wasted stock at the end of any collection and we strongly believe in only making what is needed, which is why we offer the made-to-order service.  This means customers are able to select design features and customise the colours of their sports bras and leggings to suit their bodies and personal style.

We practice mindful manufacturing. Our patterns are laid out to minimise fabric cut-offs and any cut-offs we do have are kept for use in made-to-order garments.  We will also be using any leftover fabric from collection one in our subsequent collection – our aim is to have 100% utilisation of materials.

Here is some information on our fabric suppliers which are all from Italy:

Fabric Supplier 1 – Eurojersey

Eurojersey have Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) to understand the environmental footprint throughout the lifecycle of their fabrics. They also Oeko-Tex certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

Fabric Supplier 2 – Carvico

Carvico have Oeko-Tex certification and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System certification.

Fabric Supplier 3 – M.I.T.I.

M.I.T.I. have Oeko-Tex and Bluesign certification.