The organiser

My name is Zara Williams and I’m a Sustainability Consultant and Barre Instructor. I’m incredibly passionate about sustainability and wellness, so wanted to join these two areas of interest and raise awareness of social and environmental issues throughout global Activewear supply chains.

As the fitness and wellness industries continue to expand with more people seeking healthier and more active lifestyles (which is great to witness!), sales of Activewear are soaring (Business Insider, 2017). Activewear forms part of the fashion industry which is known for devastating environmental impacts and exploitation of workers globally (Fashion Revolution). We as consumers have the power to change the industry by asking questions and voting for the world we want with our wallets. We need to demand transparency and accountability from brands to ensure a better future for everyone and for the environment. We need to take accountability ourselves by choosing to support brands that care about people, planet and profit all in equal measure.

I hope this event will help to connect consumers with the hands that made their Activewear, highlight brands who put sustainability at the heart of their business, and support Fashion Revolution’s efforts to stimulate change for a better fashion industry.

Thank you for visiting the website – I hope to see you on Saturday 28th!